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Keys found in Doon at old mill Keys found on sidewalk near old mill in Doon by Schneider Creek. Favorites Kitchener 2017-08-20
lost keys Lost my keys walking to pick my daughter up from school,   Went back to look for them and they were gone. If you hav... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-30
Wanted: lost phone plz help Hi I lost my mom just in November and only 2 days before she died she gave me my phone it was lost today between 230-... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-30
Found: iPod touch 5th Gen Blue White face w/blue backing in a jeweled case. Has a sticker on the front. Found in Valumart parking lot Tuesday jan 2... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-29
Wanted: Lost Samsung Nexus Phone Lost phone on saturday january 25 in waterloo or left in a taxi cab. Phone has two cracks at the top of the screen. H... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-27
Wanted: Lost white iPhone 5 at or near starlight bar I lost my iPhone on jan 25 at or near straight bar. It's a white iPhone 5 and had a blue case on it exactly the same ... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-26
LOST MONEY TODAY AT 11 OVERLEA DRIVE :(((((( Hi there, I lost some money today (Jan 23rd) at approx 4:30pm at 11 Overlea Dr in Kitchener. It was lost between th... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-24
Wanted: Men's black leather wallet - King/Breithaupt Area Lost my black leather wallet in the King St/Breithaupt St plaza on January 20, 2014. There was no money in the wallet... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-21
Wanted: Lost Gloves I left my gloves on a bench at the terminal inside on the lower level platform after running to board my bus Saturday... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-21
Found booze in parking lot with groceries Found some alcohol and groceries in parking lot. Tell what and how many u lost and where. Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-20
Wanted: large black zipper binder I have lost my coupon binder. It may sound silly to most but that binder saves my family alot of money. It had items ... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-16
Wanted: MISSING GREY MALE CAT DOON AREA KITCHENER My Reggie is missing :( He's been gone for over a month now and my kids and I are devastated. He's all grey, about 3 ... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-10
Lost Keys Waterloo Park Dec 24th Lost Keys at Waterloo Park Dec 24 evening. Had a Small flashlight, lego figure busted, car, mailbox and house key. Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-09
Found Blackberry Bold Found phone at Walmart Fairview mall  if you can describe it, its yours ! Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-08
Wanted: Lost Keys I've lost my keys sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. If I were to have dropped outside they would hav... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-07
LOST FISHING GEAR I have lost a small plano storage container with some ice fishing gear inside it. IT was a small waterproof plano c... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-07
Wanted: need stolen bike back to us UPDATED DESPERATE PLEA - my wifes bike was stolen on SEPTEMBER 17/2012 around 6PM near Ottawa and Homerwatson area of... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-07
Wanted: lost huskie in doon village area please help us find our huskie he escaped from our home on jan 6th around 8pm in the doon village area. hes black and... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-07
Wanted: Lost Ford Keys My husband lost his car keys. On a single ring with black remote to unlock car. He thinks he lost them tobogganing at... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-07
FOUND Games and Cooler Late Friday night, early Saturday morning my friend found a blue bag full of games and a giant blue cooler in the hal... Favorites Kitchener 2014-01-06
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